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2018 Invitational Ranch Horse Show Sale

January 14, 2018 at 1pm • Will Rogers Coliseum • Fort Worth, Texas
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4HAND FOUR CHEX2007GsorrelFigure Four ChexHandy TessHandy Eddie Cinco
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2018 AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale

January 13, 2018 at 12 Noon • John Justin Arena • Will Rogers Memorial Center • Fort Worth, Texas
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136MS DOTTY FLAKE2017MbaySnickelfritz FlakeJF DottyLone Drifter
137CHEVY LADY2017MgrayMr Chevy ToughLady HaidinBusy Haidin
138PUT YOUR FOUR FOOT2017MbuckskinSnickelfritz FlakeIkes SugarfootWhite Lighting Ike
139CAP GUN SPECIAL2017GgraySpecial GunCS Capitol LadyDrifts Chip
140FOUR YOUR LADY2017MbuckskinBusy HaidinFour Lady 317Figure Four Fritz
141FOUR VALENTINE2017MbayFigure Four FritzAv TwoEddie Eighty
142FOUR VAL IKE2017GpalominoWhite Four IkeFour ValentineFigure Four Fritz
143FOUR SPECIAL LADY2017MgraySpecial GunFour Lady 317Figure Four Fritz
144FOUR ROAN LACE2006MbayFigure Four FritzEddie Eighty SeventyEddie Eighty
145FLY ROAN FLY2017Sred roanFour Roan FlyFF 306Poco Bueno Image
146FOUR CLIP 762013MblackBusy HaidinFigure Four ClipperFigure Four Fritz
147FF CLASSY FOUR2007GsorrelFigure Four 437Figure Four 267Happy's Warrior
148REASON FOUR LIVIN2016MsorrelWhite Four IkeReason Four GunsPG Shogun
149FF VERA2002MsorrelVera TravisFigure Fly 406Nero Five
150HAIDINS ROAN FOUR2017GpalominoBusy HaidinFour Roan LaceFigure Four Fritz
151FOUR LADY 3172003MbayFigure Four FritzFigure Four Lady 107Dee See Doc
152FOURS SPECIAL GUN2016GsorrelSpecial GunFour Hank MissNoble Plum Hanker
153LOVE ME FOR A REASON2017MsorrelFour Roan FlyFour A ReasonFigure Four Fritz
154HEYS TOYS2016MgrayHey HoustonToy Gun 812Real Gun
155HUNTING FIREFLYS2016MsorrelQual HunterRan Fire Flys DaisyHesa Firefly
156QUAIL AND SANKA2016MgrayQuail HunterSan Kai 115Peppy San Kai
157HOUSTONS ROAN2016Gbay roanHey HoustonSan Kai 6876Peppy San Kai
158MISS SAN KAI 1152015MbayHey HoustonSan Kai 115Peppy San Kai
159GUNNIN FOR KAI2013GbayRusty Gun 876Peppy San 623Peppy San Kai
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Haythorn Land & Cattle Ranch Offerings

FOUR 7472017Mred roanFour Roan FlyFour Flo
FIGURE FOUR FLAKES2017MbaySnickelfritz Flake Figure Four MareLone Drifter
FLY CATALINA2017MbuckskinFour Roan FlyJF CatalinaLone Drifer
FOUR GRAY METALLIC2017MgrayFour MetallicFour Gray FlossyBabes Handy Pistol
FOUR RED FLAKE2017MsorrelWhite Four IkeFour Golden Flake
FOUR JACKY2017MsorrelWhite Four IkeShogun Jacky
FOUR ROAN POR2017Sred roanFour Roan FlyFour Miss PorBabes Handy Pistol
Unnamed2017Four Smart 43Four Roan Fly
IKES FRITZ2017MpalominoWhite Four IkeSheza SnickelfritzSnickelfritz Flake
IS IT FOUR YET2017SsorrelCGB Colonel JazzFour Clip 76Busy Haidin
JF SNICKEL THORN2017SsorrelSnickelfritz Flake JF WhichiswhichLone Drifter
METALLIC FOUR GOOD2017MbayFour MetallicFour Jo GoodJosephs Gold
MISS CLASSY FOUR2017MsorrelWhite Four IkeFour Classy 37PG Shogun
MISS DRIFT FLAKE2017MbuckskinSnickelfritz Flake SNW Miss Doc O DriftLone Drifter
WHITE SHOGUN IKE2017SgrayWhite Four IkeShogun Cutter
Unnamed2017Starlight N PeachesSnickelfritze Flake
WATCH FOUR ME2017MbuckskinWatch Four GrayBusy ShogunPG Shogun
Unnamed2017Watch Four Gray
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