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Welcome to Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.

Located only 17 miles North of Ogallala, NE the winner of the coveted Inaugural AQHA Remuda Award, Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. is a working ranch breeding commerical Black Angus cattle as well as foundation-bred Quarter Horses. 


The ranch is located just 17 miles North of Ogallala, and 5 miles from Lake McConaughy, the Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. is nestled in the rolling Sandhills of Nebraska. This area contains the largest underground water source on the continent, the Ogallala Aquifer. The sprawling landscape it supports is also the largest grass stabilized sand dune region in the world. Blue stem, Gramma, and Buffalo grasses hold down the sand and keep the dunes in place. Summertime brings the delicate wildflowers peeking out of the lush grassland, and the Curlews calling to one another in the clear blue skies. To look out over the gently rolling hills on a quiet summer evening as the sun set in the West, is truly peaceful.



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Figure Four Traditions
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Great American Ranches - Haythorn History

When you step foot onto the Haythorn Ranch in western Nebraska, you might as well be stepping into the pages of a Louis L’Amour novel. This is a part of the world that seems to be frozen in a time when cowboys roamed as freely as the buffalo. It is here that the world seems to begin and end, all at the same time. In our modern world, there are no words to convey the vastness of a place that encompasses the wildness of the prairie and the enormity of the sky. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

The Haythorn family has owned and operated this ranch for five generations and even though they are known worldwide for their breeding and ranching, it was their culinary endeavors that sparked our interest. I must admit, I thought the only connection between ranching and food was the animal itself. After breeding and raising an animal and then sending it off to market, I assumed the role of a rancher came to an end. This is not the case when you are a Haythorn.          READ MORE >>

Haythorn Land & Cattle Company

1992 Best Remuda Winner

The Figure Four

The Best Remuda Award recognizes an outstanding ranch remuda or band of working horses, composed of American Quarter Horses.  

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